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Hello everyone, and welcome to the world of Snoet and Knuf!
Here you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about us, and everything you really don't want and need to know! Have fun... and a loud meow goes out to all you cat lovers out there!


Hello everybody, my name is Snoet. For those of you who don't speak Dutch, my name would be "Cute face" in English... so now you now exactly what I look like, haha! But for those of you who are really curious... here's my photo album!

You see? I told you I have a cute face... Anyway, this is me when I was just a couple of weeks old. Ever since I was a little cat, I found the world outside very interesting...

Sometimes, when I'm lucky, they'll let me go outside during the summer. I hate winter, because of that very cold and wet white stuff on the streets. But anyways... I love going outside in the summer. Especially the garden has my attention. I love digging in the sand, especially in those places where Els just planted some flowers. The goldfish in the pond are just fascinating - I can stare at them for hours and hours... I also like climbing on the roof that's really funny, because then the whole family is standing downstairs, looking up at me and shouting: "Snoet! Come here!" They never understand that the roof gives me an excellent view on the goldfish and the birds, what else could a cat want?! All these outdoor activities make me very tired, so then I'll just lay down in the sun. As a partly white cat, I also enjoy rolling around in the sand...

Now what are you looking at? Come here and feed me!

I also enjoy watching tv together with Els... unless there are spiders walking on the floor...

Dinner time really is the highlight of the day... I always try to beg for some meat and guess what... sometimes they just can't resist that desperate look in my eyes! And after dinner, I take a long good rest...

I'm not only a cute cat - I'm also a very intelligent cat. I found out how to open the door by jumping up and hanging on the doorknobs until the door would open. Johan thought he was smart and put the doorknobs upside down but me, as a smart cat, found out how to handle these doorknobs as well. Unfortunately, they have round doorknobs now... any suggestions?!

And here's some general information on me...
NAME: Snoet van Kessel (ouf, that sounds awful!)
DATE OF BIRTH: April 20, 1993
PLACE OF BIRTH: Nuenen, the Netherlands
FAVORITE FOOD: fish, chicken, kitbits, orange juice
HOBBIES: watching birds and leaves fly by, sleeping on the bed or a lap, walking on the computer keyboard, escaping whenever somebody opens the door, stealing meat out of the pan, studying the behavior of fish and birds, sleeping in the laundry basket, licking plastic bags
HATES: yelling, oranges
RELATIVES: brother Knuf
NICKNAMES: Snoetje, Knoetje, Snoetepetoet, Snoetjepoes, Snoetie


Hey, my name is Knuf and I'm Snoet's little brother... in every sense of the word. My brother Snoet is not only older, he is ook much fatter, hehheh! Anyway... as I said, my name is Knuf and that means "Hug". Of course I got this name because I'm a really sweet cat.

This is me in my younger years... I really hated staying in that stupid cardboard box, I prefer to run around the whole house!

Just like my big brother, I enjoy going outside for a little walk... and lay outside for a while. They always have a hard time to trace me when it's time to go back inside, hehheh!

"Okay, okay... I admit it! That was me who erm... produced that little wet spot on the living room floor... Can I come back inside now?!"

This was my favorite toy! I don't have it anymore, as I licked it to pieces...

Now what's the matter with you? Why can't a cat like me just hang around?!

Okay, you're right... I might be a bit lazy every now and then...

Hey, can I play with that black flashing thing you hold in your hands?!

Well, well... what have we got here?

I only wanted to hug that cute little fly, honestly, I didn't mean to eat it...

Everything else you wanted to know about me...
NAME: Knuf van Kessel (wow, that's impressive)
DATE OF BIRTH: April 21, 1993
PLACE OF BIRTH: Nuenen, the Netherlands (where Van Gogh lived for some time...)
FAVORITE FOOD: fish, chicken, flies, spiders, cat candy, rabbit
HOBBIES: bothering Snoet when he's in the cat bathroom, waking the whole house up by meowing loudly at 4:00 in the morning, sitting on a lap, walking on the computer keyboard, sitting on the lap of someone who is scared to death of cats
HATES: sounds from mopeds, vacuum cleaner, sudden movements
RELATIVES: brother Snoet
NICKNAMES: Knuffie, Snuffie, Knuffebeest, Knuffel, Knuffeltje

And here's some photographic proof that we're really close friends...

We keep eachother warm on the couch...

... and we play together!

And don't just stand there taking all these stupid pictures of us!


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You can send us mail, or cat treats, or toy mice... or anything at the two e-mail addresses that are named after us: (Joost) (Marieke)

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